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UK-China Education Weekly News — Released by the British Chamber of Commerce & Venture Education: 12th April 2019

April 12, 2019

New report shows changing motivations of international Chinese students

The report found that internal factors were increasingly important in choosing to study abroad, with 64% of students looking to study abroad to enrich their personal experiences or expand international knowledge. In contrast, external factors played the biggest role in choosing a study destination, with a significant increase in concerns around safety, which jumped from the seventh most important factor in 2017 to second in 2018. The report also found that parents and family were having a diminishing influence in a student’s final decision to study overseas. In 2018, the decision to study overseas was made by the entire family in 45% of cases and solely by the student in 31% of cases. Parents made the decision alone just 24% of the time.

(Source: The PIE News)






Double ten-thousand plan sets ambitious targets for higher education

The plan, announced by the MoE this Tuesday, will develop 10,000 ‘first-class’ undergraduate programmes at the state level and another 10,000 such programs at the provincial level by 2021. The MoE notice is directed at all types of ordinary higher education institutions and will cover all 92 types of undergraduate majors. However, according to the notice, HEIs should actively promote the development of new courses in engineering, healthcare, agriculture and liberal arts, closely meeting the country’s development needs.

(Source: NBD)






Westminster’s first Chinese school set to open in Chengdu 

The school, which is due to open in September 2020, will be the first of six Westminster schools in China. The school will offer bilingual education to Chinese and foreign students aged three to eighteen and 50% of its teaching staff will come from the UK. The next five branches are planned to open in the coming 10 years. 

(Source: China.org)






75 bogus universities identified and closed down for delivering UK fake degrees

Seventy-five bogus universities involved in the fake degrees business have been closed down in the past four years. According to the Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD), the UK’s official service for candidate verification and university authentication, these types of frauds are becoming more sophisticated and aim to make money from enrolment fees, premium phone lines and course fees. 

 (Source: The Guardian)






New program launched to improve basic education in Chinese rural areas

A new program has been launched to middle and primary schools of rural areas of Central and West China. Teaching positions are open to all county-level middle and primary school teachers, who will be given three-year contracts and will be encouraged to further explore and innovate their educational concepts and methods, in order to lift the quality of education in central and western rural areas. The provinces of Anhui, Henan, Shaanxi and Gansu will become the pilot regions of the program this year.

(Source: Xinhua)






Pearson invests $50 million in the development of next-generation EdTech startups

The British education firm Pearson has committed $50 million to assisting next-gen education startups with ambitious new approaches, such as augmented reality technology. Owen Henekel, Pearson’s investment director, says the investments are not about acquiring new assets, but learning how Pearson could grow and adapt in the future. “It’s about keeping Pearson’s ear to the ground in relevant markets and verticals. If we don’t have the knowledge of the space, we won’t know where it’s going.” Henkel adds that Pearson does not intend to own majority stakes in the startups or control the direction of the companies.

(Source: Tech Crunch)



英国培生教育集团(Pearson)承诺投资5000万美元专注培养下一代的教育初创企业采用诸如增强现实等科学技术。培生的投资总监Owen Henekel表示,这些投资不是为了收购新资产,而是培生集团成长和适应未来的一种手段。“这是为了让培生能够在相关市场和垂直市场的竞争中立于不败之地。如果我们不了解这一领域,我们就不能把握它未来的发展方向。”Henekl还说到,培生并不打算持有初创公司的多数股权或者是控制公司的发展方向。

(来源: Tech Crunch)


Holon IQ: Adoption of AI in education (2019)



Empowering Chinese students to study in the UK

Date: Wednesday 17 April

Location: The British Centre, 1001 China Life Tower

An informative morning briefing for education professionals who send students to the UK with advice and updates on visas, flights, housing and guardianship. The event starts with check-in at 9:45 and concludes with a Q&A at 11:30.


日期:4月17日 星期三

所在:英国商务中心 北京 中国人寿大厦1001


Education Job Fair 2019

Date and Time: 11am-15pm, 13 April

Location: WeWork Pinnacle One, 40F, Tower B, No. 199 Lower Dongda Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu

Matching the best talent resources and job demand in education sector of the city’s international community. Organised by the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China, the Job Fair focuses on creating a friendly recruiting environment specifically for the education industry in Chengdu. 



地点:Wework   Pinnacle One,成都锦江区下东大街199号睿东中心B座40楼


Lessons from the Global Education and Skills Forum

Date and Time: 6.30pm – 8.00pm, 22 April

Location: Punchline Cafe

Bringing teaching communities together to learn and explore developments in education, the EDU Matters team invites teachers, tutors, leaders, policy makers and parents to join for an evening of discussion around 5 key areas:

-Creating a culture of tolerance in the classroom

-Developing student agency

-21st century skills

-Education for the future; a summary from Andreas Schleicher 

-Valuing Teachers through professional development

This is a free event open to all in the education sector



日期:4月22日 下午6:30–8:00

地点:Punchline Cafe

EDU Matters团队将汇集各路教师群体,学习和探索教育的发展,届时将邀请教师、导师、领导、政策制定者和家长围绕五个重点领域展开讨论:








High school in Kathmandu re-opens after earthquake in 2015

Shree Janakalyan, a senior high school in Kathmandu, Nepal, was recently re-opened after reconstructions following an earthquake that struck Nepal in 2015 and left 1,400 students without a school building. The efforts of the government of the Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the Red Cross Society of China, and other entities were vital to rebuilding the structure of the school. Meanwhile, the Chinese government and various other societies have helped to improve and replenish the school’s equipment. 

(Source: Global Times)



位于加德满都(尼泊尔)的斯热贾纳嘎烈雅(Shree Janakalyan)高中在近日挂牌开学,尼泊尔2015年大地震导致该校约1400名学生失去校舍。中国青海省玉树藏族自治州政府、红十字会对重建校园起到了重要作用,中国政府和其他社会各界也积极帮助改善学校相关教学设备。



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UK-China Education Weekly News — Released by the British Chamber of Commerce & Venture Education: 12th April 2019

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