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Recent Projects

JISE Entrepreneurship Competition

Venture Education ran a two-day entrepreneurship competition with 15 international schools at JISE, the largest international school expo in Beijing. Participants developed their creativity, team work, and critical thinking skills through a design-thinking hackathon around the theme of employability in an AI dominated world.

Education on the Belt and Road

Venture worked with the British Chamber of Commerce China to produce a report that takes a comprehensive look at what the Belt and Road Initiative means for education. In the report, we explore the education policies and cooperation projects that have been happening as part of the Belt and Road Initiative, identify opportunities for British education businesses to get involved and provide a set of benchmarks to ensure UK companies are engaging in projects that adhere to international standards, are fiscally responsible, sustainable and ethical. Read the full report here.

Tulou Education Project

In 2018, Venture Education partnered with a local NGO in a Tulou village in Fujian that aims to develop its infrastructure, education centers, and community. Through this partnership, ten Venture staff were given the opportunity to go to the village for a few days where they taught English and public speaking through games and acting. The students were engaged, excited, and ambitious to learn! Based off of the success of this project, Venture Education plans on making this an annual education trip.

Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) is the premier global competition for students who own and operate a business while attending a college or university. Being one of the most celebrated global student entrepreneur events, GSEA attracts the world’s most influential change-makers. In 2018, Venture had the privilege of organising the first GSEA in China. As a result, four young entrepreneurs competed in the GSEA China National Competition, and one exceptional student won a trip to Macau to compete in the Global Finals against 56 other students.

British Independent Schools in China

The ‘British Independent Schools in China: 2019 Report’ puts together a comprehensive list of the British independent schools that are currently running a branch or planning to set up a branch in China. In this report, Venture Education also provides analysis of the major trends in the market and gives insight into what’s causing the ‘second wave’ of British schools in China. See the full report here.

Cambridge Entrepreneurship Programme

Our annual enterprise and entrepreneurship programme for Chinese students in Cambridge University. One of our attendees in 2017 said “it was perfect.”

World Culture Open Empathy Workshop

Venture were selected to attend the World Culture Open in 2017 because of the social impact of our work. We had the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions through open voice think tanks and lead a workshop on practices for fostering empathy with global changemakers.

China Britain Business Council Masterclass

The Venture team led an interactive and comprehensive “Introduction to Enterprise Education” masterclass with educators from a variety of Beijing based organisations. This event featured as part of the China Britain Business Council’s masterclass series at the British Business Centre.

XHIS Empathy Workshop

Venture led 100 students at Xi’an Hi-Tech International School in a one-hour enterprise education workshop on the theme of “empathy”. Research shows “empathy is the strongest predictor of ethical leadership behaviour out of twenty two competencies and also one of the three strongest predictors of senior leadership effectiveness.” (Dowden, 2013)

XHIS Teacher Training

Venture introduced concepts around enterprising mindsets, entrepreneurial action and innovative solutions to secondary school teachers at Xi’an Hi-Tech International School. The principal of XHIS described the session as “inspiring”, providing their academic staff with “lots of ideas for percolating and unpacking”.

Xi’an Orphanage Visit

Venture collaborated with local registered NGO Little Fish to bring the Christmas spirit to an orphanage for young adults with disabilities. We ran engaging activities that focused on fostering creativity, confidence and teamwork. It was an incredibly rewarding experience as well as a great way to end the year and moved us to collectively fundraise 4,000RMB for the NGO.

Spirit of Youth Student Workshop

On behalf of the UK government’s Spirit of Youth campaign, Venture represented the British Embassy in leading an enterprise education workshop with 80 university students around the theme of “making ideas happen”. Teams of students designed and presented innovative modes of transport and were given creative freedom to film ads promoting the product in their own unique way.

University Teacher Training

Venture ran a session introducing the history and pedagogy of enterprise education from a UK perspective to local and visiting professors at Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xi’an. It was an enlightening experience with everyone involved coming away from it having gained new insights and fresh ideas.

PM Theresa May Wuhan State Visit

Venture led a design thinking hackathon in one of the top 10 public schools in Wuhan, home to the largest population of students in the world. This was recorded and featured in a virtual showcase of China’s British International Education during UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s visit to Wuhan. It was an exciting opportunity to contribute to the golden era of UK-China education relations.

North Korea Education Project

Three members of Venture were selected to join the first team of foreign educators to work on a pioneering education project with North Korean students at a local college. We had the opportunity to introduce enterprise education to our students in the form of elevator pitches, design thinking, and self-reflective writing. One teacher at the college thanked us for delivering “wonderfully creative and vivid workshops”.

British Chamber BEMA Report

Venture Education worked with the British Chamber of Commerce China to produce a comprehensive report on business entry and market access for British education organisations operating in China. Venture Education carried out extensive research, conducting surveys, roundtables and interviews to create a report that accurately reflected the views and concerns of British education companies. The report, which is part of the British Chamber’s BEMA initiative, has since been presented to the UK’s Department of International trade, with findings feeding into sector strategies.

British Chamber YPDP

Venture Education worked with the British Chamber of Commerce China to organise and run a pioneering initiative called the Young Professionals Development Programme. The 6-month programme aims to elevate young professionals’ key employability skills, develop UK-China relations, and benefit British business. Participants in the 2018 cohort engage in interactive workshops led by hand-selected mentors from a wide range of industries, all of whom are senior members of the Chamber with tremendous expertise in their field. This year, less than 45% of applicants were accepted onto the programme, resulting in a diverse group of 30 young professionals committed to developing in areas of leadership, communication, creativity, and entrepreneurship through mentorship and peer-learning.

British Embassy Open Day Education Zone

Venture Education worked with the British Embassy Beijing to organise and run the Education Zone for the Embassy Open Day 2018. As a result of our efforts leading up to and on the day, we received a personal letter from the British Ambassador, Dame Barbara Woodward DCMG OBE, thanking our team for our “coordination in putting together engaging content for the Education area (that) really made a big difference.” This year’s event welcomed over 3000 people and 55 exhibitors in total. National and regional press coverage of the event had an estimated readership of over 4 million, and the event’s Weibo (Chinese social media) page gathered 7.2 million views. Through this experience, we had the pleasure of collaborating and connecting with many prestigious education organisations such as Queen Mary University of London, University of Strathclyde, British Council, among others.


Steven Lynch, Managing Director, British Chamber of Commerce China

I would like to personally and professionally recommend Venture Education. They are vital members of the British Chamber of Commerce, and in the four years we have been collaborating I have been exceptionally impressed with everything they have done. I have such admiration for their professionalism, due diligence and quality. Venture Education’s enthusiasm and outstanding ideas have transformed some of our industry forums, as well as the Chamber in general, driving engagement, awareness and the reputation of the Chamber. I personally believe the biggest asset of the organisation is the company culture that breeds excellent and loyal employees. They all have such a positive disposition and are outstanding individuals, with no task ever being too big or too small. I truly believe Venture Education has built a reputation of pure quality that is respected throughout their entire client base and the entire Chamber membership.

Tsinghua University

The Sino-UK Business forum brings together experienced Chinese and UK business professionals to network and discuss the opportunities and challenges of doing business in China. The forum covers a wide range of topics from the challenges of being a successful small business entrepreneur in China, to the opportunities which are likely to arise from the Belt and Road Initiative. We are deeply appreciative of the presentation given in our forum by Mr. Julian Fisher, founder of Venture Education. Our learners thoroughly enjoyed it and we received very positive feedback, saying it was the best part of our Tsinghua-LSE Future Leaders Programme so far. Everyone was immersed and found it absolutely inspiring.

Northwestern Polytechnical University

100% of our students reported that the workshops were interesting. Some key comments included ‘Today’s workshop was really excellent. It was more than what I had imagined. I learned so many things and skills. What a wonderful experience’ and ‘I think it was very useful, it made me more aware of the importance of teamwork, and I found many creativity in my team. I also realised that to be an excellent person is not a thing for my own. I need to cooperate with others.’

Jane Fulbrook, Second Secretary, British Embassy Beijing

In working with Venture Education, I found them to be innovative and genuinely focussed on the interests of their learners. They took an entirely original and engaging approach, working with a diverse array of participants in Xi’an to genuinely push the boundaries of their understanding of what it means to be entrepreneurial. The team offered an excellent range of activities, and feedback we received from partners in both events was universally positive. Participants described the events as fun, challenging, exciting and a completely new way to learn about the UK. The students in Xi’an were particularly enthused about working together in an environment that was entirely new to them in order to develop their 21st century skills.

Patty Wang, Queen Mary University of London

It is great to work with a talented team who not only carry out the event organization, but who also inspire you with creative ideas for how to make the event great and interactive for attendees.

Liz Yang, Project Manager, University of Strathclyde

Venture Education has coordinated the British Embassy Open Day Event in a professional and well-organized manner. All the staff at Venture Education were highly professional, communicative and helpful. From pre-event planning to the day of the event, everything has been taken care of so perfectly.

Qinqin Wu, Operations Officer, British Council

The Venture Education team is very energetic, approachable and accountable. I would be very interested in collaborating with Venture Education in the future.

Maggie Jiang, Dulwich College Beijing

A group of very energetic young professionals that are so easy to work with. Friendly, helpful, they always have a smile on their faces!

Kit Harford, Founder, Tech Trek

Working with the Venture team was a pleasure from start to finish. They are an impressive and professional team.

Freddie Winterbotham, Founder, Trunk Tek

The team at Trunk Tek owe a huge thanks to Venture Education for their fantastic work at the British Embassy event. No task was too small or large for them. A super team to work with!

Campaigns Team, British Embassy Beijing

We partnered with Venture Education, who coordinated the Education Zone at the Embassy Open Day2018. We could not have asked for a better partner, and their professional manner made it a very positive experience for us. Venture Education’s cooperation was timely, effective, friendly, professional and simply excellent. Thanks to their efforts it was the best Education Zone we have had at the Embassy Open Day. We look forward to working with Venture Education in the future.

Steven Lynch, Managing Director, British Chamber of Commerce China

Julian Fisher sits on our executive board and is also the Education forum chair. He has created and developed the strategy of the Chamber’s education sector, targeting what events and projects we should focus on as well as implementing market access work which is supporting UK government strategy towards a trade deal with China. He really understands the bigger picture, but also how to actually implement practical plans that work. Charlotte Smith is the Young Professional & Entrepreneur forum chair. She has revolutionised the offering we have for our members, transforming innovative ideas into actualities, by creating our professional development programme which aims to elevate members’ key employability skills, develop UK-China relations, and benefit British business. This initiative created by Charlotte has become a key Chamber service offering!