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Who We Are

We are experienced educators who understand every level of education from early years to university. We are a supportive, ambitious team who see trust and communication as the key to our success. We are creative and solution-oriented, and we overcome challenges positively and collaboratively.

Senior Partner

Julian acquired a joint-honours BA from SOAS and UCL, an MA from UCLAN and a Director of Studies qualification from IH. He worked for schools in London and Bucharest before a decade as a Head of Department in Harrow International School Beijing while also working for the British Council. In 2013, he co-founded Atlas Education which currently has over seventy team members engaged in projects as varied as a tutorial college in Shunyi, an outdoor learning centre by the Great Wall and summer courses at the University of Cambridge. He is currently the Co-chair of the Education Forum for the British Chamber of Commerce in China as well as serving on the Executive Committee. He is Chair for the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation in Beijing and a committee member of the SOAS Alumni Association. In Venture Education he leads teacher training, corporate training and consultancy around entrepreneurship education and partnerships between British and Chinese organisations.

Senior Partner

Zhubei acquired most of her expertise through self and peer learning. She began her path in education at the age of 18 by founding a summer programme in which she successfully enrolled more than 4OO students at a small street-side consulting table. She then continued to pursue a career in education by becoming a Language & Etiquette trainer for the Beijing Olympics. Academically, she is qualified as a Cambridge CELTA certified teacher, an IELTS examiner, a senior parent counsellor, a certified child safeguarding specialist, and recently became an entrepreneurship mentor on the British Chamber of Commerce in China’s Young Professionals Development Programme. In 2013, she co-founded Atlas Education, a progressive education organisation that grew from 2 people to its current staff of over 70 international professionals in the span of four years. Atlas Education’s team members are dedicated to empowering students, parents and educators through a wide range of programmes and a tutorial college. Additionally, she is the co-founder of an innovative EdTech start-up, The Online International School, with the aim to provide international education to thousands of students around China. In Venture Education, she works as a senior advisor, corporate trainer, and consultant.

Senior Partner

Charlotte is an entrepreneur who has built her career in education across five countries over the past ten years. She acquired a BA from Manchester University in 2008, CELTA in 2010, and completed a Price-Babson Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators in 2018. She is currently undertaking a distance MA in Educational Leadership and Management at Nottingham University, seeking to broaden her expertise in the field. In 2015, she co-founded a social enterprise that curates bespoke arts events empowering women’s voices and perspectives. She currently directs an enterprise education project in partnership with an education bureau that delivers an original programme to over 20 public middle and high schools in Beijing. Additionally, she is a forum co-chair at the British Chamber of Commerce in China and runs an annual initiative to cultivate leadership, creativity, communication, and entrepreneurship skills in young British and Chinese professionals. In Venture Education she leads teams to develop innovative enterprise education products such as a textbook series and teacher toolkit, as well as organising and running large-scale events with the British Embassy and other influential institutions.


Kate has been a teacher for over twenty years across two continents. She has a degree in English from University College, Durham, completed her teacher training in Secondary School English at the University of Sheffield, has a diploma in PSHE from the University of Roehampton and is a graduate of the Price-Babson SEE42 programme. She worked for over a decade as a Head of Department in both British comprehensive schools and a large Beijing-based international school, and taught a wide range of subjects including English, EAL, Classical Civilisation, drama, PSHE and PD. As of 2016, she has worked as the Director of Studies for the Learning Tree, specialising in EE and bespoke education. She is the headmistress of the innovative new Online International School and was one of the founding editors of Beijing’s creative magazine for young people, InkBeat. In Venture, she acts in an advisory capacity for educational projects and supports teacher training and curriculum logistics. She is currently working closely with Charlotte Smith to develop a Teacher Toolkit focusing on developing pedagogies and activities which support world-wide learning and teaching in EE education.


Mavis acquired a BA in Business English from the University of International Business and Economics. During her 15 years of teaching, she has successfully completed the TEFL and TKT University of Cambridge ESOL qualifications and Certificate TESOL from Trinity College. She is also an experienced Corporate Language trainer and worked with top 500 companies such as Sandvik and NEC delivering management team language training bilingually. She has taught College English, Intensive Reading, Extensive Reading, Writing, Translating, Speaking and Listening, Business English, Accounting English and Financial English. As a specialist in International Education and a senior parent counsellor, Mavis is currently the Head of a tutorial college in Beijing responsible for the overall operation of the college. She also offers consultation to Chinese students and parents supporting their understanding of different education systems and proposes solutions to promote students’ academic and entrepreneurial success. In Venture Education she is the lead translator of key entrepreneurship education documents into Mandarin, such as the QAA Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education: Guidance for UK Higher Education Providers 2018 Edition, and actively contextualises and promotes the discourse around EE for a Chinese audience.

What We Do

Venture Education works in three areas: Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Education, Girls’ & Women’s Education and UK-China Education Partnerships. Through our uniquely talented team we engage in both strategy and execution, providing bespoke solutions, consistent quality and a willingness to adapt to changing situations with a wide range of stakeholders.

After working in Chinese and British education for over sixty years combined, the founding partners know that to really make ideas happen it requires a team who can not only speak with the highest levels of national government but also help local education bureaus to smoothly roll out policy, develop curriculum with school and university management, develop creative classes with teachers, explain ideas clearly to parents and run practical, effective, engaging education with students. Venture Education’s holistic approach to the development of education projects is the key to their long-term sustainability and success.

Associated Organisations

What Drives Us

We are teachers, parents and entrepreneurs and we care about the future. Our vision of entrepreneurship is about having ideas, making them happen and creating value for others. If young people are empowered to do all these things they will find happiness, have positive relationships and make constructive changes to the world around them. This drives us every single day.
We want quality education for all so we also support a number of other education organisations financially, with human resources or through our own endeavours that educate and empower low-income families.

Charities We Support